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San Andreas
Fire and Medical Dept.


In total, the SAFMD operates three Headquarters in the state, all located in Los Santos. There is also a functional, marked fire station near the Main Tower at the Los Santos International Airport, Los Santos.

The designs of the mentioned Headquarters in the city are not consistent.
The San Andreas Fire and Medical Deparment was Established and Planned to be created in the late 70s but was Introduced to society in the early 80s.
At the Fire and Medical Stations, there are various vehicles even touted to house a "Hazardous Materials Response Team" (HAZMAT).


- All Saints General Hospital
Market, Los Santos
- County General Hospital
Jefferson, Los Santos
- Los Santos International Airport Fire Department
LSIA, City of Los Santos, SA.

Contact Info.

Email:         Phone: 911                    
(( Daniel's Discord:
M&M#8712 ))

Reason for Contact

(( For those who are facing difficulties in applying on the forum, they are the ones that should be sending a message to Daniel's Discord. Apart from this, there should be no other reasons to do such. ))

Suggestion Box

We are eager to hear the suggestions from you, the citizens of San Andreas, on how to develop the San Andreas Fire and Medical Department. Without you, we would be nothing. The citizens are an asset to us, and forever will be.
Start doing so by filling in the responses in the boxes provided; which are self-explanatory.

Members Within the SAFMD

The names of the members of the San Andreas Fire and Medical Department along with their ranks are stated below. They are updated every 24 hours.



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